Lemon /米津玄師(Cover by LC RECORDS ft. Hiroshi)OST. Unnatural (ドラマ 『アンナチュラル』主題) Vertical Music Video

“Lemon” OST. Unnatural (ドラマ 『アンナチュラル』主題)

Song by 米津玄師 Kenshi Yonezu

Produced & Arranged by (LC RECORDS) : @lc.records

Vocal by Hiroshi Tsutsumi : @hiroshi.89

Guitar by Harris : @rahadiyanharris

E-Drum by Upi : @lutfiechoir

Keyboard by Lucas : @lucas.yohanes

Bass by Adhi : @satria_adhi_s

Music Recorded by LC Records

Mixing by LC Records

Mastering by LC Records

Video by LC Records

Edited by Upi

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